Testing your health


I recently turned 40 years of age, I consider myself a health advocate and gym rat. After the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels drop by about 1% a year,” says former Gladiator and ‘Fit at 40’ campaigner James Crossley. Knowing my testosterone level is extremely important to me at this age.  However, knowing my testosterone level isn’t my only problem. At 40 years of age I want to start monitoring my prostate, and colon for cancer, without my doctor giving me age restrictions or entering into insurance fights. I believe I have found a quick and painless solution to my testing woes, Health Testing Center

Health Testing Centers is a mission-driven company on the forefront of transparency and greater control in healthcare through personalized preventive care. Since 1980, the Fort Lauderdale, FL company has enabled consumer access to laboratory testing, including Doctor’s oversight, and provided helpful resources for individuals to understand their health data. 100,000 patients served, Health Testing Centers now works nationwide with major laboratories LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, as well as the premier specialized laboratories to provide an online menu of best-in-class testing options, delivered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and unparalleled level of service.

Health Testing Centers is an amazing company which allows me to buy affordable testing kits, or the opportunity to go into my nearest lab to for blood testing. From the company of your own home you can visit their website and shop for varies, affordable test. The process is simple and easy to do. They are FDA and CLIA approved labs in the country and have over 3500 locations where you can get tested.

This company is basically the amazon of testing. Once on their website select the test or tests you are seeking, select the lab closer to you, hit check our and your done. After payment is made you will receive a detail email with instructions on next steps if needed.

No more are the days of not knowing what’s in your body or fighting with your doctor and insurance company for desire tests. It’s your body your life and this company allows us to take back control.

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